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Tropical Invertebrates

We are currently breeding a large number of different tropical invertebrates, so as to learn more about the husbandry required for different species. We are concentrating our efforts on the Black Beauty walking stick, Peruphasma schultei. This stick insect from Peru is classed as critically endangered in the wild and merits conservation.

Grey Heron

We have a siege of 12 nesting pairs of grey herons nesting in the woods on our parc land, which we are culturing and ensuring that they are not disturbed during their march /April nesting phase. They have been coming back year after year and their numbers are growing, despite a two year build taking place around them.

Stag Beetles

We are building log piles from deciduous wood trunks that were cut down to make way for the parc, and are hopeful that this will encourage our native giant stag beetles, Lucanus cervus, to take up residence and thrive on the parc.

Bee and Butterfly Gardens

2023/24 will see the building of a new one acre bee and butterfly garden together with an information centre which we hope will help our visitors to understand the need to conserve and help our native bees and butterflies which are in decline. Through education, we can help our visitors to make small changes in their own gardens to help our uk bee populations to start rebuilding.