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Volunteering at The Bug Parc

As is the case with many zoos around the country, volunteers are an integral part of the framework behind the scenes.
With varying hours from 9am to 5pm you will be helping us to maintain the largest display of invertebrates in the UK.
Volunteers will be expected to make a minimum commitment of one day in every two weeks, which can be a weekday or weekends.

We are open for applications as volunteers in the following areas:

Animal welfare

Your duties would involve cleaning and feeding the invertebrates in our care together with maintaining the display cages. Additionally we often need helpers to help the keepers in the handling area when visitors are handling the animals as part of their daily experience as well as showing visitors invertebrates outside as they walk around the site.

Bee garden

Your duties would be helping with the creation of a new one acre bee and butterfly garden during the summer of 2024. This might involve some heavy work. We are trying to create a haven for bees and butterflies set around the central bee information centre inclusive of two wildlife ponds and a dipping pond. Once created, we will also be looking for volunteers to help the groundsman to maintain the planted areas in the Parc.

We are trying to educate our many visitors about the need to save our own bees and butterflies so creating this haven and the information centre is an important role, one which can help to save our declining bee and butterfly population

Bee keepers

We are looking for volunteers with bee-keeping experience and/or bee hives, to help set up and maintain several hives around the bee and butterfly garden.

Creation of a faerie garden

We are looking for creative individuals who can be part of planning and creating several faerie gardens within our pine forest to suit varying age groups as they walk through what will eventually be our sculpture trail walk through the woods.

Contact us, we would love to hear from you

Should you wish to volunteer for any of these positions, please send an E mail to outlining which post you would like to be involved with and Tell us why you feel it would be a position suitable for you.