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Our Invertebrates

The Bug Parc is a unique Tropical Invertebrate Parc in the UK, displaying over 200 different species of invertebrates

The displays are housed in three separate buildings, with 15 different zones. Each of the three buildings are named after famous entomologists.

Kirby House

  • There are four zones in this house:
  • 1: An introduction to invertebrates describing what invertebrates are and the basic invertebrate classifications.
  • 2: A reverse day and night zone showing animals active at night.
  • 3: Scorpions, amblypygids, vinegaroons and centipedes.
  • 4: A museum of pinned butterflies from all corners of the globe.
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Hinton House

  • There are seven zones in this house:
  • 1: Grasshoppers, katydids and crickets.
  • 2: Praying mantis.
  • 3: Cockroaches, assassin bugs, leeches and giant water bugs.
  • 4: Snails and crabs.
  • 5: The shell and coral museum shows exhibits from around the world.
  • 6/7: Spiders and tarantulas.
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Comstock House

  • There are four zones in this house:
  • 1: Millipedes, polydesmids and isopods.
  • 2: Stick insects.
  • 3: Leaf cutting ants.
  • 4: Beetles.
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